Condition-headache       condition-Back pain       condition-Neck Pain

Some of the conditions that can be managed with appropriate chiropractic care include:

Lower back pain                                                             Joint Stiffness

Neck Pain and whiplash related disorders                     Shoulder pain

Headaches                                                                      Tennis/golfer’s elbow

Sciatica, limb pain, numbness and tingling                    Hip disorders

Poor posture                                                                    Knee pain

Ankle and feet pain                                                        Wrist pain

Scoliosis                                                                         Sports and workplace injuries

How many treatments would it require for my condition to heal?

Depending on the condition, the amount of treatments may vary from one individual to the next. Our chiropractor will monitor the outcome of each visit and re-assess the situation if required, in order to provide the best possible outcomes for the patient.