The primary treatment that separates chiropractors from all other health professions is the chiropractic adjustment. There are various chiropractic techniques but one of the most widely used techniques is called the Diversified technique. A short fast impulse is applied to a joint which causes an audible release, sometimes referred to by patients as a “cracking sound”. The sound that one feels and hears is not the bones cracking, but a release of gas pressure within the joint when the joint resets itself during an adjustment. Besides restoring proper motion, the adjustment helps restore circulation and decompresses the nerve endings that line the surface of the joint. This is particularly useful in helping patients with acute back or neck pain as they experience an immediate increase in movement and a significant decrease in pain directly after an adjustment.

In conjunction to our chiropractic adjustments, we utilize other therapeutic modalities that help enhance the healing process. For example, our flexion/distraction table has an integrated drop piece that provides both gentle adjustments and passive mobilization of the spine. This is particularly useful in helping patients who require a much gentler approach.

Your chiropractor may also utilize a small hand-held tool called the Activator during the course of treatment. The activator applies a force through specific joint segments in order to regain joint mobility.

To help decrease pain, increase circulation and reduce muscle spasms, we also provide cervical & lumbar traction, dry needling, specialized soft tissue massage and hot & cold packs as required.

In addition, we provide our patients with rehabilitation exercises, advice on correct posture, nutrition and activities of daily living. Overall, we try to assist our patients in the holistic management of their chiropractic problems.