At Port Bouvard Chiropractic, our chiropractors utilize the finest equipment and latest treatment and diagnostic methods available. Our clinic practice  provides you with answers to your problems based on a thorough examination, accurate diagnosis, and an appropriate management plan.


Dr. Brandon Tann received his chiropractic training from Murdoch 12747547_10154044983413474_3173417280040552314_oUniversity, and graduated with a Bachelor of Chiropractic with distinction. His passion lies in the treatment of sporting injuries, relieving acute back pain, and the use of supplementation where necessary. He has worked for 2 years at a football club, diagnosing and treating athletes. He has also journeyed to India, where he treated a variety of conditions in a village in West Bengal. There he witnessed and learned the power of what chiropractic has to offer to the human body, and the difference it made to lives. He wishes to continue providing the best available care to the community of Mandurah, and help the community achieve the best possible health. His other interests include cycling, ten-pin bowling, and DIY projects.


Dr Yvonne Tan graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic. Her own personal experience of constant headaches and insomnia lead her to visit a chiropractor- the benefits of her treatment were so effective and positive, this gave her the inspiration to pursue a career in the field which strongly align with her altruistic and passionate nature to help others. Friendly and professional, she uses a natural, non-invasive approach towards treatment helping to improve, gain, and maintain optimal movement of the joints and muscles in the body. She enjoys playing squash and the piano, and is also exploring the teaching of yoga to further her passion for knowledge about human well-being.